Excited to have recorded our workshop performance at Fairfield Theater Company
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Gearing up for more performances in 2022... NYC here we come!

The Mercy Project musical is a contemporary story that follows its lead character, twenty-five year old Mike Mercy, through ups and downs of love and life.  He has the perfect girl, yet instead of being on top of the world he keeps getting stuck in the weeds, as he cannot break his routine of getting high.  Encouraged by his mature neighbor to clean up his act or risk losing the love of his life, his light-hearted burnout friend is less of a positive influence, causing good and bad times for our hero.  Being pursued by a lovely coworker with a boxer for a boyfriend, is not helping the situation.  Rock music of the 70’s and 80’s influenced its 18 original songs, which follow the powerful emotions of the story.

Characters are:

  • Mike Mercy - Leading man, nice guy in love with the perfect girl, but stumbles at times due to his routine of getting high
  • "Burnt" Bobby - Mike's friend and bad influence, as the name would suggest
  • Chip "The Dick" - A chum from high school who has anger issues and constantly clashes with Bobby
  • Maxwell - The older neighbor who offers guidance to his younger friends, but his wisdom often falls on deaf ears
  • Lindsey - Mike's girlfriend, a sweetheart with an edge about her
  • Sonya - Mike's flirty coworker, Lindsey's nemesis, who enjoys hanging out with the boys

Contact: info@mercyprojectmusical.com | Designed by Curt Carbone @ CMC Studios

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Show Date: March 22, 2020 @ 2:00pm
Fairfield Theatre Company's Stage One
70 Sanford Street, Fairfield CT 06824
Tickets available online or through box office

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Visit our auditions page to apply

Script (Act One, Scene 1)